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From the founding of Effiny Jewelry has spent the last 10 years assisting and making their supply chain more easier for customers around the world. Day after day, we are confusing what kind of supplier we want. In effiny, We aim to creat a more sustainable, more responsible and reliable supply chain, that save the cost.

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Dongguan Effiny Jewelry Co., Ltd, owned by liancheng OUKE baihuo, has more than 10 years experiences in jewelry making and wholesale. which is one of the leading company in fashion jewelry industry.Our Factory is located in Changan, Dongguan, our main products are stainless steel, brass and 925 sterling silver fashion jewelry such as jewelry sets, necklaces, pendants, earrings bracelets. and crystal fashion jewelry, Most of them are our own designs. over 50000 products in stock, there is 1000 square meters of the factory. it has more than 50 employees and all kinds of advanced equipments such as automatic lathes, CNC machines, laser cutting machines, polishing machines, welding machines, welding machines and bedding machines. some of our products have passed SGS testing. We can make any environmental testing for you per your request.

As a factory, we can assure you the competitive price with high quality products as the core of constant development.


Lost wax casting is the process of metal casting in which molten metal is poured into a predetermined mold that was previously crafted using a wax model and has since been melted and drained out. Depending on the metal we’re working with, we can use a variety of methods, including low temperature casting, high temperature casting, and bi-metal casting.

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Effiny Jewelry is equipped with the best computer-aided design software in the industry. We would be glad to turn your creative vision into a fully fleshed out design. All you have to do is come to our experts with a rough drawing or a verbal description of the piece that you have in mind, and they will work with you to create a visual prototype of the piece.


Whether your project spans a single piece or 1,000, molds are always useful. However, different types of molds are more effective than others depending on the situation. As jewelry manufacturers in Dongguan with the most complete resources, we work with rubber, silicone and metal molds!

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With laser welding, you get precision at its best. Whether we’re assembling jewelry from scratch or repairing pre-existing pieces, laser welding is beyond helpful. It allow us to weld spots as small as 0.2 millimeters and it can be used to create strong metallurgical bonds between two different metals.


If you want to add gemstones to the mix, then our setting services are right up your alley. We can handle simple and complex setting styles, from custom arrangements to the industry’s most popular options, such as bezel, channel, flush, gypsy, pave, prong and simple bead settings.

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As one of the best jewelry manufacturers in changan Dongguan, Effiny Jewelry offers both hand engraving and laser engraving services. Hand engraving allows our skilled artisans to craft each individual piece while our laser engraving technology allows for matched precision across large batches.


Enameling takes place when fine pieces of glass are applied to metal in order to create color. We can help bring your project to life with our enameling services.

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You can trust us

We can sign NDA with your company, We ensure that your design is kept secure. Protecting and respecting your privacy is our priority!